October 2018

IEWC Expands Product Lineup With SIGNAMAX

The addition of SIGNAMAX ‘s connectivity and Ethernet networking products is the latest extension of IEWC’s continually expanding portfolio of products and services for the evolving commercial AV market. From cables feeding content to displays, to the entire connected network centralized and powered in the equipment rack, IEWC supplies the cabling infrastructure products, as well as supply chain solutions, only a global distributor can deliver to the pro AV market.

IEWC has worked closely with SIGNAMAX to stock hardware in multiple locations to ensure their products are readily available throughout North America. Review IEWC’s entire lineup of SIGNAMAX products online or contact your local IEWC rep.

IEWC has expanded its North American product offering with the addition of SIGNAMAX and their complete line of connectivity and network solutions for the industrial, commercial, medical, and military sectors.

Fluke Analyzers Now Accommodate Belden 2183 Cable

Belden 2183 cable supports 4K UHD HDBaseT applications. Now Fluke and Belden have a software update and instructions on setting the parameters for the 2183 cable. Read more >



Oops, We Bought Too Much


Cable Type Material # Material Description Brand Manufacturer # Price (USD) UOM Total Stock
Category 39419-8BL2 CAT 5E, 24 AWG, 4PR SOL BC FT6 CMP, BLUE Hitachi 39419-8BL2 $ 0.34 MTR 7015
Category 2608POFS-5QUE CAT 5E, 26 AWG, 4PR 7TC 75C 300V OFS LSZH, ORANGE Quabbin 2803 $ 0.30 FT 3000
Category CR5.30.06 CAT 5E, 24 AWG, 4PR CMR CUL, 1000FT PULLPAC, GREEN General Cable CR5.30.06 $ 0.05 FT 21000
Coaxial 51217 RG213/U, 13 7BC, PE O/A BCB PVC JKT, BLACK Electro Cables 4131395FT1 $ 1.10 MTR 2491
Fiber Optic FO0006CBOBS-0BEA SMPTE 311m Hybrid Camera Cable, 2F +2 24WG+4 20AWG CMR PVC BK Belden 7804R B593280 $ 1.30 FT 1080
Fiber Optic MDRLTB12-ES-144-E1 LOOSE TUBE, 144F S/M,12F/Tube, OFNR/FT4 .69"OD Prysmian M-DRLTB-12-ES-144-E1 $ 3.00 MTR 1157
Fiber Optic CDRLTK12CE144-E3 LOOSE TUBE, 144F S/M, 12F/Tube OFNR/FT4 .71"OD Prysmian C-DRLTK-12-CE-144-E3 $ 3.00 MTR 556
Fiber Optic M-800-00-ES-012-EB TIGHT BUFFER, 12F S/M, DISTRIBUTION FT6, YELLOW Prysmian M-800-00-ES-012-EB $ 0.79 MTR 5059
Fiber Optic M-800-00-53-004-M1 TIGHT BUFFER, 4F 50UM OM3, DISTRIBUTION FT6, AQUA Prysmian M-800-00-53-004-M1 $ 0.95 MTR 908
Fire Alarm 7203018 18 AWG 30 COND SOLID BARE COPPER, FIRE ALARM, RED JKT Domtech 4318028 $ 1.96 MTR 1491
Fire Alarm 7201018 18 AWG 10 COND SOLID BARE COPER ROUND FIRE ALARM RED JKT Deca Cables 30-340 $ 0.84 MTR 2449
Fire Alarm 1802C-1-MT 18 AWG 2 COND SOLID BARE COPPER FIRE ALARM RED General Cable C4304A $ 0.20 MTR 4247
Fire Alarm 7450318 18 AWG 3 COND SOL BC FIRE ALARM INTERLOCK ARMORD RED JKT Electro Cables 7241803BAR4 $ 0.75 MTR 725
Multi-Conductor 33308P 18 AWG 8 COND 7TC UL/CSA 60C 300V PVC GRAY Deca Cables 84-016 $ 1.10 MTR 2507
Multi-Conductor 7400318 18 3C SOL BC 105C 300V PVC/PVC ARMORED Electro Cables 7201803BAR4 $ 0.68 MTR 2850
Multi-Conductor 92204P 22 4C 7TC 60C 300V CMP FT6 OFS PVC YEL Electro Cables 5152204TPV6 YELLOW $ 0.28 MTR 4890
Multi-Conductor 91602P 16 AWG 2 COND 19TC OVERALL FOIL SHIELD YELLOW FT6 300V Deca Cables 83-020 $ 0.54 MTR 3095
Multi-Conductor 1802COFS-8-MT1 18 AWG 2 COND 7BC OVERALL FOIL SHIELD CMR FT4 PVC GRAY General Cable SSS182R $ 0.20 MTR 5780
Multi-Conductor 37907P 22 AWG 7 COND 7TC UL/CSA 60C 300V O/A FOIL SHIELD PVC GRAY Electro Cables 5152207TPV6 $ 0.35 MTR 2990
Multi-Conductor 43901 24 AWG 1 PR 7TC 75C 150V CSA FT4 LOW-CAP SS PVC GRAY Electro Cables 548245185TFT4 $ 0.36 MTR 2059
Multi-Pair 2212POS-8-MT 22 AWG 6PR SOL BC OVERALL FOIL SHIELD FT6 FEP INSULATE GRAY General Cable EF22P0060610 $ 0.83 MTR 2985
Multi-Pair 43902 24 AWG 2 PR 7TC LO-CAP SS FT4 RISER PVC GRAY Deca Cables 76-979 $ 0.75 MTR 1495
Belden GA72404GFC $ 1.50 MTR 389
Speaker 144104/9 14 4C 41BC CLARITY SPEAKER CABLE WHITE FT4 CMG Deca Cables 74-713 WHT $ 0.70 MTR 1677
Speaker 162602/9 16 2C 26BC CLARITY SPEAKER CABLE WHITE FT4 CMG Deca Cables 74-710 WHT $ 0.30 MTR 2440
Material # Material Description Brand Manufacturer # Price UOM Total Stock
Multi-viewer HDL-MULTIP6G/16 BLACKMAGIC MULTIVIEW SUPP. 16 X 6G SDI INPUTS Blackmagic Design BMD-HDL-MULTIP6G/16 $ 1,200.00 EA 1
Rack Shelves U2V MAPP 2U 17.44"W x 15"D VENTED SHELF Middle Atlantic U2V $ 35.00 EA 28
Triax Connector 7703-3 TRI-LOCK - JACK FOR 1/2" TRIAX BELDEN Winchester 7703-3 $ 80.00 EA 25

If you see stock you're interested in, contact Peter Stegmann, IEWC B&C Business Development Manager, at pstegmann@iewc.com or 905-726-1717 x3508. All prices USD.

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